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Elements of Rock March 17-19th Uster Switzerland

Elements of Rock

Rob Cassels will be performing with a worship team from Nashville, Tenn. called Sanctuary International these are some of the same musicians we have toured with before in Spain and Portugal, our trusted Brothers in the Faith.

Elements of Rock Tour

The Elements of Rock Tour is the name of the festival, and this is it’s 17th year running. The Festival is Marth 17-19th. We wait for God to bring these opportunities, and when he does it is wonderful to follow Jesus. From the beginning of the tour, and all through the trip we see God guide the steps, and share the gospel however he plans.

So if you are in the Zurich area during these dates come and take part in this festival.

Rob Cassels y su banda en España, 12-27 de Agosto 2016


Dia Fecha Lugar Hora Plaza.Calle
12.08.16 La Xara 23:00 Mistelera
13.08.16 Gandía 23:30 Pub Dublin
do 14.08.16 Benidorm 20:00 Heartbreak
mi 17.08.16 Montejo de Cebas 22:00
ju 18.08.16 Loredo Camping
vi 19.08.16 Loredo Camping
20.08.16 Castro Urdiales 19:30
do 21.08.16 Palencia 19:30 Parque del Salón
mi 24.08.16 Punta Arabí, Ibiza 14:00 Hippy Market
Chirincana 20:00 Beach Bar
vi 26.08.16 Can Jordi
27.08.16 Santa Eulalia 22:00 Sansara

Live deep in the north country of Spain,in a village by a river.Great experience with wonderful people.

Rob Cassels Band Portugal 2014 tour video: Nautico Bar, Sines

Just one of the incredible musical moments of the Rob Cassels Band Portugal 2014 tour. This was at Nautico Bar in Sines.

Follow Rob Cassels Band on Facebook for more about the tour and Rob’s work in the USA.”Need to go to the studio soon. New songs torecord. One was written on the tour in Portugal. Southern Portugese Rock!

Touring all over Portugal, 2014 European Motorcyclists for Christ Rally — three weeks of adventure for the Gospel.

Rob Cassels plays the annual EMC Rally — a motorcycle rally where Christian motorcycle clubs from all over Europe and beyond gather. The EMC Rally takes place the first weekend of August each year and is hosted in different countries by different clubs each year. EMC (European Motorcyclists for Christ) is not an organization, but a meeting point for brothers and sisters in Christ who share the same passion for motorcycles and Jesus. Visit for full info on upcoming and past EMC rallies as it becomes available.

More from Rob to come, keep them in your prayers!


Thunder Fire album review from dutch metal webzine The Metal Resource


Before it got shortened to R&B, there was Rhythm and Blues. But instead of Beyoncé, you should be thinking along the lines of John Lee Hooker or the Allman Brothers. Rob Cassels says that he has been playing piano and guitar all his life. And that he cannot suppress the urge to write songs that express his gratitude for all that God has done through Christ.

Some of his earlier offerings were ‘Off the Wall’ (1984) and ‘Straight Shot’ (1988), with an anthology released in 2009. His latest endeavour ‘Thunder Fire’ (2012) sees Rob on lead vocals, piano, a 1968 Hammond organ, guitars, harmonica and percussion. He is joined by Sam Eakins (electric & acoustic guitar), Darrell Thompson (electric & acoustic bass) and Mark Childress (drums & percussion).

Now when you think of the blues, there are connotations of sad songs where a whiskey-soaked man relates how he lost his job, his wife left him and his dog has died. However, Rhythm & Blues takes the other side of the tracks and rejoices in the positive, life-affirming experiences.
>>>READ the full review at

July 1-14 wall to wall tour. We welcome all our friends, come on out and hear Rob try to speak Spanish!

ROB CASSELS triptico ext

FREE GUITAR CLINIC with Sam Eakins, Saturday May 25, 2013, at 5pm

SAM EAKINS (of Rob Cassels Band) offers a free guitar clinic on May 25, at The EAT Center, 25 Woods Lake Rd, Suite 401, Greenville, SC 29607
The EAT Center houses lessons for bass, drums, piano, guitar, voice, choirs, praise teams, ministers of music, sound and recording. The EAT Center will also house EAT University, which will include music clinics and courses taught by degreed instructors, professional instructors, national recording artists, pastors and music ministers with years of experience.

Learn more about The EAT Center

It’s CLEMSON BLUES FESTIVAL time! The Rob Cassels Band performs Saturday, April 20. Come see us.


rob-cassels-band-stackThe Blues Doctors w/Adam Gussow, Robbie Ducey Band, Rob Cassels Band, Cold Bluesion, True Blues, Ceasar, MILL BILLY BLUES w/Freddie Vanderford, Snopes Family Band and The Tony Tidwell Band. We are in negotiations with several other talents to be announced soon. The cost is $10.00 per car, truck or motorcycle load, so load-up those vehicles and bring them to the Festival. The proceeds will help support our charitable component the Clemson Sertoma Club and for start-up of the 2014 Festival.

There will be tables and seating for about 400 under a large tent. We encourage everyone to consider bringing folding chairs and/or blankets to sit on to enjoy the music.


The inspiration for the Clemson Blues Festival comes from Littlejohn’s Grill, an African American nightclub that once brought LIVE music to Clemson. Located along a music corridor known as the chitlin’ circuit, the Grill hosted scores of major Blues, R&B and Jazz musicians.

A book, “THE LITTLEJOHN’S GRILL STORY: Blues, Jazz and Rock ‘n’ Roll in Clemson, SC” tells the story of Clemson’s blues heritage, chronicling the more than 100 major performers to visit Clemson between 1945 and 1968. The book has many interesting stories about Clemson with a series of photographs of performers. Learn more about the book.

Last year’s Clemson Blues Festival was a great event attended by 1000′s of blues fans. They got all they wanted as Chick, Mac, Frankie, Paula, Sarah Mac, Robbie Ducey and Clemson’s own Hoodoo Hounds scorched us with some great sounds. On Sunday afternoon gospel choirs and bands showed us the roots of the Blues with their inspirational performances.

Rob Cassels “Loves Ya to the Bone”

Official video release of “Loves Ya to the Bone” from the Rob Cassels THUNDERFIRE CD. Filmed on tour in Portugal January 2013 by the Mira Brothers production team. Featuring Rob’s “off-shore” band Thunderfire: Filippo Baldassarini – guitar, João Ferrao – bass, Sherry Cassels BGV’s/tambourine & Isaac Hurst – drums.