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Rob Cassels Band, Living On the Edge, Spain tour classic!

Enjoy this Spain tour highlight of the Anthology Classic “Living On the Edge” by Rob Cassels Band.

Rob Cassels – Straight Shot (CD) 2019 Remastered!

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God bless

New! Rob Cassels Band Anthology.

Got some new product! Rob Cassels Band Anthology — 21 classic songs over 30 years of producing music, all originals with Steve Morse on guitar for 14 tracks! To get your’s, Message me right here through the official Rob Cassels Band Facebook Page.

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Metal heads worship!

Elements Worship Band
Here is the Sanctuary Worship Band I played with in Uster, Switzerland March !6-19 just last month. Crazy metal heads leading worship!

Audio feed festival

June 29 we leave for Illinois for a big festival..called Audio Feed. You can get more information, and the lineup at their website here.

Rockin’ on the Rhine!

Brothers on the Rhine.

An unbelievable turn of events brought these three brothers together along the Rhine river in Switzerland last month..Crazy big God!

Elements of Rock March 17-19th Uster Switzerland

Elements of Rock

Rob Cassels will be performing with a worship team from Nashville, Tenn. called Sanctuary International these are some of the same musicians we have toured with before in Spain and Portugal, our trusted Brothers in the Faith.

Elements of Rock Tour

The Elements of Rock Tour is the name of the festival, and this is it’s 17th year running. The Festival is Marth 17-19th. We wait for God to bring these opportunities, and when he does it is wonderful to follow Jesus. From the beginning of the tour, and all through the trip we see God guide the steps, and share the gospel however he plans.

So if you are in the Zurich area during these dates come and take part in this festival.

Rob Cassels y su banda en España, 12-27 de Agosto 2016


Dia Fecha Lugar Hora Plaza.Calle
12.08.16 La Xara 23:00 Mistelera
13.08.16 Gandía 23:30 Pub Dublin
do 14.08.16 Benidorm 20:00 Heartbreak
mi 17.08.16 Montejo de Cebas 22:00
ju 18.08.16 Loredo Camping
vi 19.08.16 Loredo Camping
20.08.16 Castro Urdiales 19:30
do 21.08.16 Palencia 19:30 Parque del Salón
mi 24.08.16 Punta Arabí, Ibiza 14:00 Hippy Market
Chirincana 20:00 Beach Bar
vi 26.08.16 Can Jordi
27.08.16 Santa Eulalia 22:00 Sansara

Live deep in the north country of Spain, in a village by a river. Great experience with wonderful people.

Rob Cassels Band Portugal 2014 tour video: Nautico Bar, Sines

Just one of the incredible musical moments of the Rob Cassels Band Portugal 2014 tour. This was at Nautico Bar in Sines.

Follow Rob Cassels Band on Facebook for more about the tour and Rob’s work in the USA.”Need to go to the studio soon. New songs torecord. One was written on the tour in Portugal. Southern Portugese Rock!