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Thunder Fire album review from HM, The Hard Music Magazine

In my earliest days of listening to Christian rock, the music of Rob Cassels was a staple in my musical diet — especially the albums “Off the Wall” (84) and “Straight Shot” (88), because by that time, his rocking had gotten more edge to it. Well, jump forward to the present and he is back! Hard edged guitar driven bluesy rock and roll is what we are served up. I would liken his style to Darrell Mansfield but on slightly more distorted steroids. With a raw and gritty hard rock vocal style, it does quite well getting the openly evangelical message across over the musical landscape that ranges from harder rock tunes like “Loves Ya to the Bone,” to laid-back soulful blues of songs like “Pearl of Great Price.” Rob and the boys tear it up and should please all rocking blues fans. —Jeff McCormack, Independent []

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